Welcome to Clinitec.

Clinitec is Australia's only local independent provider of secure, integrated, fully validated IVRS and Web solutions for patient Randomisation, Drug Supply Management, Patient Diaries, Payment Management in Clinical Trials.

Our system is a turnkey solution designed to comply with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and is in use with a number of multi-country, multi-lingual Clinical Trials.

Clinitec allows patient randomisation to be carried out by investigators using the internet (IWRS) or telephone (IVRS) as required. The Sponsor can monitor trial progress using the internet or through the system's automatically generated reports.

The Clinitec Drug Supply Management system can help achieve substantial cost savings by reducing drug wastage and distribution costs by using just-in-time distribution techniques. In addition it provides real-time management of despatched drug stocks in transit and at the site, and maintains accurate, up-to-date drug inventory and pack expiry information.

Clinitec can provide targeted, customizable IT applications and services for your data management and statistics needs. Its staff has wide operational experience in these fields as well as IT excellence. When harnessed with the services of Australia's leading provider of validation and quality services, Clinitec is well placed to meet most of the challenging clinical trial operational tasks of your organization.