Clinitec IVRS / IWRS

Multi-site, multi-country clinical trials can be difficult to manage. However, an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) combined with ubiquitous phone and fax services, or an Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) using a standard web browser and email service, allows study administrators and investigators to securely interact with the study database, making study deployment fast and easy.

Both services can be accessed from any location worldwide and, for flexibility, you can choose to implement both of these technologies concurrently in any study.

When used for Patient Randomisation, the IVRS allows study administrators and investigators to interact with a computer database using a telephone touchtone keypad as a means of data input. The computer is able to prompt the caller for required information with straightforward pre-recorded voice messages (in any language) and give out information in response.

Similarly, the IWRS assigns treatments to subjects, provides automated confirmation of assignments (on screen and via email), as well as regular reporting of trial progress to the researcher. With online interactions the IWRS system expands on the depth of detail that an investigator or administrator is able to obtain about the progress of the trial compared to that available through IVRS.

Both services randomise treatments to subjects, provide automated confirmation of assignments, as well as regular reporting of trial progress to the researcher. All this is done on a 24/7 basis, eliminating the issues of time-zones and distance.

IVRS and IWRS have gained wide acceptance because they provide real-time benefits in Patient Randomisation, drug assignment and inventory management, study blinding, reporting, systems integration and low costs: